Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida

Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida

Tired of shoveling snow? Can't stand dealing with expensive property and state taxes? Looking for a retirement destination in which you don't have to suffer through cold winters? Want to lighten your tax burden and keep more money in your own pocket?

Then you should probably add Cape Coral to your list of possible retirement destinations. Coincidentally, I wrote an eBook called Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida. In this FREE eBook you'll learn:

  • Why Cape Coral and Southwest Florida are known as the Golf Capital of the World
  • How much more affordable homes are than up north
  • That Cape Coral has a relatively low tax burden
  • About local hot spots including parks, arts & entertainment districts, and much more!

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