A.J. Ackerman - Real Estate Professional

A.J. Ackerman
A.J. Ackerman
Real Estate Professional

A.J. Ackerman loves working in real estate, but his true passion lies in helping people. He finds fulfillment, in both his professional and personal life, by helping others make a positive change in their life. A.J. uses his experience and knowledge about real estate in an effort to reach this goal.

To A.J., “real estate” is much more than the transaction of buying or selling a house, it is about helping a person transition into a new stage of life. His goal is to help others envision the life which they desire, understand what makes them happy, and help them reach this point. Often, this can involve a change in a person’s location, environment, or surroundings. Maybe it’s about moving into a larger home to start a family, or maybe it’s about simplifying and relocating to enjoy a new lifestyle in retirement. Perhaps it’s just about making a fresh start in life, beginning with a change in your living environment.

A.J. believes in building relationships. He maintains a deep seeded understanding that helping others breeds long term happiness and success in his own life. Therefore, A.J. puts his heart and his full dedication into every real estate transaction that he is a part of. His vision for a person, for a community, and for long term happiness is evident in every interaction that he has. It is because of this genuine passion and understanding, combined with extensive experience and knowledge, that A.J. has become such a success in his field. He also attributes this success to the very experienced team of full time professionals that he has chosen to work with.

Naples waterfront condos, Bonita Springs vacation homes, Cape Coral waterfront, Fort Myers Beach investment properties are his specialties of choice. AJ is the Licensed Real Estate Broker at Experience Real Estate Group. Whether it is residential or investment property, this dedicated team of professionals is involved throughout the entire process, from:

  • Determining your home’s fair market value
  • Informing you of your property rights and obligations
  • Explaining the benefits of mortgage pre-qualification
  • Writing your purchase agreement
  • Submitting your title work
  • Setting up your home property inspection

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We serve Southwest Florida: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Captiva, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Sanibel.